How to get ahead in comms

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Communication matters. 

Effective communication can help build organisational success by engaging staff and customers alike. 

This masterclass has been designed to help you, if you work in communications, to be more effective and add more value - to be a key player in your organisation. 

And if you don't already work in communications, this course will give you a grounding to help you get a foot on the ladder. 

Based upon years of experience leading and changing communication functions as well as advising senior leaders across many organisations, this masterclass cuts to the chase and gives participants insights, tips and ideas on how to be a better comms person. 

At a time of scarce resources, this masterclass will help you make the most of one vital talent: your own. 

What's included?

25 Videos
2 Surveys
2 PDFs
1 Download
Mark Fletcher-Brown
Mark Fletcher-Brown
Sharing lessons from successes and failures

About the instructor

Mark Fletcher-Brown is a director of Reputation Counsel, a communication consultancy. He has been a journalist, columnist and university lecturer and has written extensively about communication management in articles and books. He has worked with over 70 UK public sector organisations in local government, health, housing and national bodies. He has extensive directorial experience in communications and has lectured on communication both in the UK and abroad. Mark has written for the Education Journal, The Times Educational Supplement, The Glasgow Herald and the MJ.

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Mark Newbold

Great value....the modern way to learn

This masterclass is great value. It feels like personal tuition from an experienced comms professional. It's comprehensive, up to date and relevant as well as easy to navigate, and to dip in and out. It's the modern way to learn. It makes learning...

This an online Masterclass. You can take the course at your own pace, watching the lessons as often as you like.

Take control of your future and get ahead in comms.  

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